Professional Engineer specialized in enterprise infrastructure, automation and the web.

Follow an open-source Dev Ops team building a microservice application! Join our DevOps Squadron and learn exciting technologies like Go Lang, Jenkins, Prometheus, Salt Stack, Ansible, Terraform and Kubernetes.

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During my time at Medline Industries Inc. I was able to learn and develop as a Windows/ Linux systems administrator and more recently a DevOps engineer. I introduced DevOps methodologies to a large traditional enterprise. I experimented with VMware’s vContainers solution and Admiral, a container management tool similar to Kubernetes. I administered, maintained and built Windows and *nix servers in a large enterprise level environment with multi-variant operating systems.

More recently, my role has been to implement DevOps and Automation solutions to a large enterprise environment. I am an Automation Engineer that owns the automation of server provisioning, configuration drift management and orchestrated systems responsibilities, catering for multi-variant Windows and Linux operating systems.

DevEra.Co is a web development and digital brand consulting company. It focuses on capturing company brands and expressing brands through a strong digital presence. The company focuses on tailoring content, websites and social media presence through deep understanding of the company, its values and research for that business’s market. is a lean business with 87% profit-margin and operates mainly from a referral basis with 75% of clients being referrals from previous client projects. As the C.E.O and founder of, I focus on providing a customer-centric service with fast turnaround times and effective support. I also focus on building on upon technology stacks and providing lean technical solutions for clients.



During my time at Zebra Technologies, I was able to resolve Active Directory issues at scale and begin working closely with automation as I automated many tasks relating to proprietary software, printers and DHCP redundancy. To learn more please view my Zebra Intern Website.

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